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Explore Belize


is a small Garifuna village located on the coast, eight miles south of Dangriga town. Hopkins is an excellent place to experience Garifuna culture, and the people of the village are more than willing to share their traditions with you. The Garinagu came to Belize in 1832, originally from the island of St. Vincent. Also known as “Black Caribs”, they are a mixture of Arawak Indians, Caribs and Africans.The Garinagu came to Belize in 1832, originally from the island of St. Vincent. Also known as “Black Caribs”, they are a mixture of Arawak Indians, Caribs and Africans.



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About Belize

You are about to take a journey like none you’ve ever encountered. Mark my words, Belize is no ordinary place! You’ve heard the expression, “a picture’s worth a thousand words.” On this journey, it will take a thousand pictures to say one word – Belize.

Belize is a voyage of pictures and sensations. It’s an experience oozing with excitement, adventure and memories. Pack lightly, bring your camera. You’re about to take a trip through time.

This is where jaguars roam the wild, colorful birds fly freely and denizens of the deep glide through pristine waters. And the nights, they’re ethereal. A myriad of stars forms a heavenly canopy of light so dense it’s third dimensional. Stargazers welcome.